Because making movies is questioning the City.

Cast Comic

Because meeting the audience is a success and renewing that experience is rare.

Because new technologies are transforming practices. Because they reduce distances between creator and spectator. Because the quality of a project isn’t always there. Because creating is a responsibility, and producing is a commitment. Because the narrative must command any decision. But above all, because a good film is first and foremost a good story, and a good story, and a good story…

Feature Films

Because the economic context makes it necessary to take a fresh look at project financing.

Because a film is never the work of an individual, but a shared adventure. Because borders fade and men unite. Because they meet to build. Because projects federate. Because collective intelligence is necessary. Because each element must find its place in the sum of it all. But especially, because without a special partner, a film is nothing but an idea.

Feature Films
Moving Movies

Because a film is an encounter that can change the course of a life.

Because a film is a formidable confidant. Because stories impact us. Because the tale of every single one of us is the story of us all. Because images enlighten us, sounds awaken us and words resonate with us. Because there isn’t just one film, just one audience, or one point of view. But mostly, because cinema isn’t done telling stories.

Engaged movies

Because a good story will always find its audience.

Because the movies that affected us live within us. Because kids love that we tell them stories. Because that kid is still inside of us in search of adventure. Because movies present us with choices, accomplishments and mistakes. Because the narrative is the thread in which our lives are sewn. But mostly, because cinema is the Art of all.

Engaged movies
The filming of a movie

We think that the history of cinema is just beginning.

That the only crisis is one of creativity. That other great movies are to come. That cinema awakens callings. That it provokes fates. We carry universal projects motivated by the desire to shake consciousness, challenge intelligence, put hearts to the test: our calling.

Production Agency

Our full potential at the service of the spectator

Because imagination is the only frontier.

Because we think differently.

Because everything has a beginning.

MARKSENS Productions

Production Agency