Because the shortening of attention strikes us and separates us.


Creation of
MARKSENS Productions

A little impatience can ruin a great project says Confucius. If there is a time for everything, then this one is ours. After dreaming of this great adventure for years, the time has come for us to devote ourselves to it. Our all-consuming desires take on a particularly special flavor in 2018. Making movies is a challenge that has to be met, a fortune that has to be deserved, an adventure that we have to embark upon. Armed with an unshakeable confidence in the future, we will now lead our fierce desires to embark on projects that assemble and resemble us, federating without compromise our idea of man in all its universality.


Every single MARKSENS Productions projects will be resolutely meant for a wide and international audience. Our expression will mainly transpire through film production, TV movies and series. From fantasy to horror, comedy to thriller, drama to science fiction, our creations will testify to men and their contradictions.
Animation will contribute to our universalist project opening infinite perspectives by its format, with the guarantee of a wider audience still.
A privileged critical expression, the documentary will close our strategy with a resolute political and social reading of reality.
To you, our current and future creatives, to our future collaborations, to our joint projects and shared successes, the world of cinema can count among its peers a newcomer: MARKSENS Productions.